Updates to site – CV & publications – and future plans

It’s grant writing season! I’m currently working on some fellowship applications, as it’s time to spread my little wings and attempt to fly. This means i’ve finally given some much needed love to this site. Out is the old bio page (which was incredibly outdated), in are a new up-to-date list of publications by year and updated CV (with supervised students!). I need to do some deeper revisions – since I don’t blog anymore i’d like to convert this to a more traditional academic website with the blog as a secondary tab. But for today this at least does the bare minimum. You can stay up to date with our latest publications here:


and my cv is here:


Although this year will be primarily about funding applications (some incredible projects we are planning.. cannot wait to share!), we will also have some stuff underway including an exciting extension of our eLife paper on arousal and confidence, and some new research exploring inter-relations between effective connectivity, mind-wandering, interoception, and sleep (not all together 😛 ). This summer I will also attempt to finally preprint our long in-prep paper on the noise induced confidence bias so stay tuned for that!

Of course, I hope to return to blogging eventually, but at least it was a gangbusters year for publications. If you are craving some neuroconscience writing, go check out one of the ten papers we published!

Thanks as always to everyone who motivates our research.

Yours always,

Micah Allen aka neuroconscience

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