Coming back from a long hiatus in blogging


I’ve been crazy busy the past year, primarily mastering Matlab and fMRI statistics. It’s been  a good run and I’ve both collected and analyzed a ton of data. In just a little over a year, I’ve completed a longitudinal study of meditation, including two event-related paradigms, resting-state, DTI, high-resolution T1 anatomical data, and a bevy of physiological and behavioral data. On top of that, I collected a similarly broad dataset for my Varela-award study “The Neurophenomenology of Mindfulness: Meta-cognitive Awareness in Adept Contemplatives”. Finally I’ve written and published a first attempt at a broad-based model of social-cognitive action control, the “Pre-loading Model”.

It’s been a pretty intense year, but I’m excited to write-up and publish my results and you can be sure that I’ll be sharing them here first. I look forward to discussing some of the more intriguing bits, and am also excited by the specter of what looks like a fascinating post-doctoral project.

When I look back I can’t believe everything I’ve learned in the year gone. It feels like every inch of my gray matter has been packed with vital information regarding BOLD timeseries and their statistical analysis. Finally sitting down to write something other than code feels great; I can’t believe the way my perspectives and research interests have changed in absorbing all this new knowledge.

As I move from analyzing my data to writing it up, I hope to return to regular blogging, as I believe this is the best place to vent and develop my ideas, in a living and shared format. I’m not sure exactly what direction i’ll take Neuroconscience in the months to come, but I hope to be able to have fun sharing my ideas and experiences with the community.

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